Society Mission Statement:

"The Class of '59 Society is about maintaining friendship beyond the classroom"

Welcome classmates, it is indeed a testament to our commitment that after so many years we are still together as a group and our intention is to maintain our friendship as outlined in our mission statement for many more years to come. I hope you will be as delighted as I am. 
Enjoy the Class of '59 Society website, please feel free to contribute ideas, news content, photos to benefit our Society going forward. Our aim is to keep classmates up to date in so far as possible. So over the coming year Michael Grogan with help from J Menton will drip feed news, views and photographs from our archive to hopefully retain your interest. Note: We have listed names of regular attendees, if you wish your name not to appear on our contact page, please email Allan Cooper, Michael Grogan or John Menton.
Some Boring Bits:
With the increasing costs associated with printing and posting newsletters etc, it was decided a website was the best way forward and as a society we have no financial interest and rely solely on contributions from regular attendees to our meetings/outings etc to fund our society. Yearly outgoings include sponsorship of the CBS Primary School Attendance awards, ie Printed certificates, Medals and a €50 cash voucher to the overall winner. Other costs include secretarial duties, finger food on occasions, Mass cards and expenses to maintain this website. 
Richie Hogan Treasurer: Keeps a close eye on our funds and any decisions on financial outlays require consent at meetings and any monies drawn or cheques written require two signatures.


Much of the information on the Class of '59 Society website should be considered for entertainment purposes only.  Products/ideas/tips on this website are not guaranteed by The Class of '59 Society. Apply at your own risk. 


Content within the bits 'n pieces section is provided by individual classmates, responsibility for the accuracy of same rests with the individual classmates and not the website administrator.

Alan Cooper
Chairman Class of '59 Society
Alan Cooper Chairman
Michael Grogan Secretary
Richie Hogan Treasurer
John Menton website Administrator